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Great ideas start here

Great ideas start here. Whether with friends, colleagues or clients – with us you will discover how top ideas arise in a creative environment. Space to Create is the place where you pitch innovative ideas, get inspiration for a new project or have a revolutionary conversation with your future business partner. Our characteristic meeting rooms, flexible offices, studio spaces and workplaces are fully equipped. 

Our spaces give you energy and motivation to fully focus on your goal. That goal can be a training, a project, an event; you name it. We offer you all the space to get started in your own creative way and like to serve as a creative toolkit for your project. Be inspired and above all challenge us with specific wishes – we do everything we can to realize them.

Meet the team

With our small team we are committed to creating a quality, energetic and cozy environment where our guests and partners can achieve success. We also learn by doing. In this way we remain sharp and able to actively think along with the organization, the technology, the software and more. You can contact us with all your questions.

Timon Round trip

Business Development

Nilay Cakiro

Chief Operating Officer

Mylene Black

operations support

Eva Wedershoven

Hospitality, Reservations & Sales

Noortje Noy

Marketing manager

Niels Schopman

Business Development & UX

Rene Steuer


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As a fast-growing and innovative organization, we have great ambitions with our concept and we need you for that!

Inspiration & tips

We are happy to help you organize an effective meeting. That is why we regularly share insights and useful tips via our blog.
Space to Create

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Master time: 5 time management tips

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Effective collaboration: how do you do that?

In this blog we will give you a number of tips that can ensure that the collaboration within your organization runs smoothly and successfully.

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Conducting a good interview, how do you do that?

Interviewing is a profession in itself; it is knowing what to ask, how to ask and when to ask. These are our tips!

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Digital meetings: prepare your meeting well

online meetings; we can no longer ignore it. A good online meeting also requires the right preparation. With these tips & tools you can get started effectively!

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Green your office: these are the best plants for your workplace

Plants not only provide cosiness, but also have many benefits for your workplace. What is your favorite?

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* External lunch is organized by us at a selection of restaurants in the area (max 5 min walk)