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Enter spring with vitality

During the spring break, we are organizing daily enjoyable (free) activities to support your new years resolutions and keep your energy on track. Will we see you there?

Go for vitality and fitness!

Are you feeling a bit stuck in your winter blues or struggling to maintain your New Year's resolutions? No worries! During the spring break, we not only provide you with a creative meeting environment but also a daily dose of (free) fun and support to keep your resolutions and energy on track. Step into spring with vitality!

The weekly schedule

We have something fun planned for you every day (12 to 25 February):

Monday: group city walk along the canal

Tuesday: healthy bakery to start your day

Wednesday: yoga group session with teacher

Register in advance via [email protected]

Thursday: fresh fruit smoothie with entrance

Friday February 16: Friday afternoon drink with the first drink on the house Friday February 23: Vrijmibo 2.0! Networking and silent disco (first drink on the house)

Contact us immediately

We will send you a response within 1-3 hours (on working days). 


Stationsplein 90,
3511ED Utrecht


Cell: 030 340 00 00
E-Mail: [email protected]

Networking event April 6

Expand your network at Space to Create! Come to our free networking drink on Thursday 6 April.


* External lunch is organized by us at a selection of restaurants in the area (max 5 min walk)