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At Space to Create you get more out of your meeting. Kickstart your project with agile & scrum, test your website with UX and Usability or engage a subject matter expert to facilitate your meeting. Boost your meeting!

Creative sessions and more

Take your meeting to a new level with our extras. Do you have a specific project in mind? We just like it! Perhaps our professional network of experienced experts can offer an addition. Get inspired.
visual design
Paul van Elk
Get rid of detail blubber! I make complex stories visual through clear and simple visual language. The essence in pictures. My strength lies in inventing and designing infographics, campaigns, logos & house styles.
UX Design & Web Development
Marlon Augustine
Hi, I'm Marlon. I have been at the helm of First Aid Marketing for over ten years now. With advice on conversion optimization, SEO and UX I help organizations and entrepreneurs to grow online.
Video & Animation
Riaz Abdulrahman
As the son of a filmmaker, Riaz knows everything about the film business. Documentaries, live streams, commercial video content; he is at home in all markets.
UX Design & Web Development
Ruben Olislagers
As an illustrator and designer, Ruben is used to thinking in images. Moreover, he knows everything about UX Design. He is passionate about influencing the user's experience in order to achieve the highest possible conversion for his customers.
Video & Animation
Reuben of Esterik
As a freelance animator/motion designer, concept thinker and animation trainer, Ruben van Esterik has been working in the creative industry for over 10 years. He has built up an inspiring portfolio with clients such as Videoland and Mentos.
Video & Animation
Moen Puran
From documentaries to aftermovies; Moen Poeran is happy to share his knowledge and experience with you! As a videographer, photographer and editor he has been working in the creative industry for years and he knows all the ins and outs of the film business.

Facilitators and speakers

At Space to Create we link knowledge to creativity and productivity. Get in touch with our network of subject matter experts. They can provide your meeting with support, guidance and knowledge. Guaranteed success!

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Scrum Agile

Scrum provides transparency, overview and clarity: you know what needs to be done. Thanks to the flexible and clear structure of working, you sprint towards your goal. You place all your tasks in one of the three columns on the Scrum task board: To Do, Doing, or Done. This makes your project, business plan or assignment transparent. Sounds good right?
Space to Create

UX research

A user-friendly website stimulates a positive user experience, this is essential to captivate and bind visitors to your website. UX research provides insight into your target audience and how you can increase customer satisfaction with your product or service.


Brainstorming is all about working together, exchanging ideas and achieving results. Are you stuck in a pattern, do you need new insights or do you simply want to develop your plans? Then a brainstorming session can offer solutions.


This is no problem! Every room is equipped with two HDMI cables, so we have your laptop connected in no time.

We ensure that the space is ready and we help you with any connections. Do you really want technical left hand? Discuss this in advance and we will make time for it.

Yes, this is possible on request. Feel free to call us!

one. We can also arrange more if you need. 

No, not necessary! Your space contains a first aid emergency box, filled with all kinds of pens, post-its, markers and more. We've got you covered!

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Inspiration & tips

We are happy to help you organize an effective meeting. That is why we regularly share insights and useful tips via our blog.

“We want to offer the ideal opportunity to inspire professionals” – René Steuer about Drinks @ Studio Utrecht CS🥂

Whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer or employee, a good business network is invaluable.

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Planning a successful meeting? You need this

An efficient, successful meeting is of course always your goal, but in practice it can turn out differently. We have listed the most important ingredients for you.

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Master time: 5 time management tips

You would like to cross off as much as possible from your to-do list, but you just can't. To help you a little bit with this, we give you a few tips. This is how you become the boss of time!

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Effective collaboration: how do you do that?

In this blog we will give you a number of tips that can ensure that the collaboration within your organization runs smoothly and successfully.

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Boost your meeting | Space to Create

Conducting a good interview, how do you do that?

Interviewing is a profession in itself; it is knowing what to ask, how to ask and when to ask. These are our tips!

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Digital meetings: prepare your meeting well

online meetings; we can no longer ignore it. A good online meeting also requires the right preparation. With these tips & tools you can get started effectively!

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Networking event April 6

Expand your network at Space to Create! Come to our free networking drink on Thursday 6 April.

Boost your meeting

* External lunch is organized by us at a selection of restaurants in the area (max 5 min walk)