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Green your office: these are the best plants for your workplace

You see it more and more — the dull, gray office spaces are giving way to green office jungles full of plants. Not too crazy if you ask us! Plants not only provide cosiness, but also have many benefits for your workplace. We have listed the finest plants for you. 

The influence of plants

At Space to Create we can of course say that placing plants in the office is a good idea (our location is also completely full of green amigos), but you have now scientifically substantiated the effect of plants. More and more research is being done into what makes a workplace better, so that employees are healthier, more productive and happy. It turns out – plants contribute enormously to this!

From one research from Washington Stake University, found that employees are less stressed when they work in an office with plants. Plants would create a homely feeling, which makes employees more at ease. from a other research (from a professor of psychology from Norway) we could even conclude that absenteeism decreases if everyone has a plant on his or her desk! Increasing the company's profits by purchasing a few plants sounds like a good investment, right?

Even more benefits

We all know that plants provide extra oxygen. Besides, they do much more than that! Plants convert CO2 (carbon dioxide) into oxygen and with the same process they also filter harmful substances from the air. They absorb the harmful substances and micro-organisms from the air through their leaves and break them down in the roots. Plants also provide less stress, a homely feeling and more peace of mind. That's what you call useful colleagues!

Some researchers have gone a step further and tested the link between plants and productivity. This is how they found out that a green environment leads to 15% more productivity. Even 1 plant in the office increases creativity, which is probably due to the soothing appearance of plants. Because we feel calmer, more space is freed up in our head for new ideas! Then the plants also provide cleaner air, which ensures better concentration. 

The best plants for your workplace

Now that you know that plants are not only fun but have many other benefits, it's time to hit the nail on the head! We share three top plants for every workplace. 

1 | The pancake plant (Pilea Peperomioides)

This pancake plant, or Pilea Peperomioides, is perfect for your workplace. The plant lives up to its name because the leaves resemble small pancakes. It looks nice in your interior, but it must have regular water. The pancake plant affects air purification, which means that it produces extra oxygen and breaks down harmful substances. winning.

2 | The Hole Plant (Monstera Obliqua)

This hole plant, or Monstera Obliqua, is a very popular plant. The Monstera Obliqua also has an air-purifying effect, so that you get some extra oxygen at your workplace. Purchase this plant for a workplace without harmful substances and a good living environment. It is important that you keep the soil slightly moist and spray the leaves with a plant sprayer.

3 | Bird of paradise plant (Strelitzia Nicolai)

Do you have a workplace in the sun? Then the bird of paradise plant, or Strelitzia Nicolai, is perfect for you. This plant is slightly larger and therefore steals the show in your interior. In addition, it can withstand sunlight well and cold is no problem, so it is an easy plant. The outer leaves of the Strelitzia Nicolai can turn brown after a while, but don't worry: that is a natural process.

In addition to these two toppers, there are many more plants with these advantages. Think of the Aloe Vera that provides air purification and more oxygen, the Chlorophythum that ensures that gases and toxic substances are broken down or the Fiscus Benjamina that absorbs sounds. 

What is your favorite?

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Green your office: these are the best plants for your workplace

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