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Food & drinks

Complete your meeting with food & drinks: a delicious lunch, a tasty dinner or a nice drink. At Space to Create we get everything in-house to meet all your wishes.

Food & drinks

A successful brainstorming session or meeting with business relations requires good and healthy food. And that is exactly what we are good at! At Space to Create you can enjoy good coffee, tea, soft drinks and fresh fruit. In our kitchen you will find everything you need: make yourself at home. Of course we have also thought of the real sweet tooth, in our public areas there are various cookies and candies up for grabs. Are you booking a room with us? Then these facilities are all including.

In addition to these delicacies, you can also really enjoy your break in a casual, informal setting. Hang out in the kitchen for a while or get some fresh air during a mini-walk through the Moreelsepark. Relax, so that you can work efficiently and creatively afterwards. We make it as comfortable as possible for you in the most healthy way possible.

Lunch outside the door - 14 pp

Lunch at our location - 18,50 pp

Tasty menus from nearby restaurants

In collaboration with local restaurants, we offer sustainable, healthy and tasty menus for your lunch or dinner. After a few minutes' walk you will find yourself in bustling Utrecht, where the best culinary spots can be found. You can also have lunch at our location. Choose your favorite restaurant and a time, we'll take care of the rest.

Vegetarian with Vegitalian

Fancy a modern Italian lunch? Vegitalian takes Italian cuisine to a whole new level. All dishes are vegetarian and/or plant-based. Besides the fact that it tastes incredibly good, you are also doing something sustainable for the world. A win-win situation, if you ask us.

Tip from team Space to Create: try the grilled sandwiches. Those are delicious warm sandwiches with rich toppings.

Culinary with Comptoir Libanais

At Comptoir Libanais, every dish is presented as a feast with various colors and scents, not to mention the rich flavors.

Our favorite? The mezze platter with baba ghanuj, falafel, hummus, tabbouleh and cheese samboussek. Highly recommended!

Masterly with
Meat & More

For the love of beef and good times: that actually says enough. At Meat & More they are real meat lovers and do everything they can to eat the best of the best meat to serve. Good to know: if non-meat eater come you also just pull yourself here. 

Curious how that tastes? Then book a lunch at your meeting, meeting or creative session. 

Poké party with Place

Currently very hot: poké bowls. This delicious Hawaiian dish consists of rice and various healthy ingredients. The classic poké bowl is the one with salmon, but Place has something for everyone: vegetarian too. Deliciously fresh and healthy!

You can wake us up for a poké bowl. And the favorite is the classic with salmon, which we recommend wholeheartedly!

Delicious with Vascobelo

Does a delicious sandwich make your heart beat faster? Vascobelo is then the place for you. They are known for their delicious sandwiches: meat, fish and vegetarian, the chefs make something delicious out of everything.

We like to go for happy & healthy. Our tip? That's really the hummus and avocado sandwich.

Drinks and events

Have a nice end to your productive meeting! Enjoy together with your group in an attractive setting with delicious snacks and drinks. Our hospitality team will be happy to put together the chosen package for your toast. Are you really missing something on the menu or do you want a tailor-made event? Let us know, there are many possibilities and we are happy to think along with you.


The choice is entirely yours. We work together with various restaurants that are happy to receive you on location, but you can also have your lunch delivered.

Your event, your party. We do not have an end time. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to combine different restaurants. For groups larger than 20 people it is possible to combine.

That is allowed, but you can also use our public areas!

Get in touch with us

Do you have any questions or would you like to come and have a look before booking a room? Then contact us!

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Food & drinks

* External lunch is organized by us at a selection of restaurants in the area (max 5 min walk)