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“We want to offer the ideal opportunity to inspire professionals” – René Steuer about Drinks @ Studio Utrecht CS🥂

“Whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer or employee, a good business network is invaluable,” said René Steuer, owner and CEO of Space to Create. That is why he came up with something new for our business center: Drinks @ Studio Utrecht CS. A networking event where you are welcome every first Thursday of the month to meet new people in a relaxed way. As creator and speaker at the kick-off, we asked him a few questions about the event.

How did the idea of ​​Drinks @ Studio Utrecht CS come about?

“It is extremely important to keep networking actively, because even making one new connection or hearing one new idea can be a career benefit.

We are of course in a beautiful location in the heart of Utrecht, on the Stationsplein, where it is bustling with energy during the day. We would like to continue that energy in the evening in the form of various meetings and events. So the idea of ​​Drinks @ Studio Utrecht CS was actually a no-brainer. We want to offer the ideal opportunity to inspire professionals and help them expand their network. Who knows, during such an evening the seed may be planted for a new project or idea.”

What can we expect this evening?

“In addition to a DJ, cocktail bar and various snacks, the event always starts with an inspiring speaker. Something is told about current, innovative topics and different routes to success. We want to bring professionals together in an informal way. After a week of hard work, this is the perfect opportunity to get inspired and let off steam in the nicest spot in Utrecht.”

“Everyone is creative”

What will you tell us during the kick-off of the event?

“I kick off the first edition of the event as a speaker. I'm going to tell you something about peaks after a crisis: it's difficult, but certainly possible. A crisis can even provide new opportunities for entrepreneurs willing to innovate and adapt to changing circumstances.

One of the most important things you can do as an entrepreneur in such a situation is to focus on new opportunities and possibilities. For this it is necessary to be able to optimally use the creative processes in your brain. That is why I want to tell you more about how to stimulate your own creative process. Everyone is creative, but often we don't know how to activate it.”

When do you think the evening was successful?

“I always find it inspiring to meet new people and hear what they do and what drives them. If I go home with new ideas and insights, then it has been a successful evening for me.”

The first edition of Drinks @ Studio Utrecht CS is on April 6, 2023. Sign In!

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Networking event April 6

Expand your network at Space to Create! Come to our free networking drink on Thursday 6 April.

“We want to offer the ideal opportunity to inspire professionals” – René Steuer about Drinks @ Studio Utrecht CS🥂

* External lunch is organized by us at a selection of restaurants in the area (max 5 min walk)