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Planning a successful meeting? You need this

An efficient, successful meeting is of course always your goal, but in practice it can turn out differently. Among other things, the tools that you have at your disposal play an important role in the success of your meeting. We list the most important ingredients for you:

A nice, creative environment

There is nothing more annoying than background noise during an important meeting. Think of the traffic noise outside or people talking in the hallway. It is therefore very important to find a quiet, secluded space where you can discuss private topics without being disturbed. But let's also remember that a space with natural light, color, plants and other visual elements can spark your team's creativity – which is essential for solving complex problems. So look for a space that is both soundproof and inspiring and creative.

Must-haves for creative sessions

Great ideas should be written down! This way you can continue working and brainstorming with your team. Write it out on a whiteboard wall, vote with dot voting stickers, Brainstorm go wild with post-its and make sure everyone can be there, even your remote colleagues via remote equipment, for example. 

At Space to Create you will find all these must-haves in every meeting room. Bonus tip: if you want to work on a new, creative concept, book the StrategySpace. This space is specially designed to stimulate creativity and collaboration, with whiteboard walls, bulletin board walls and a special creative corner, you have everything you need to take your ideas further.

Sit comfortably

It is important to have comfortable chairs if you have to sit for a long time, such as during meetings. This helps to minimize health risks. Choose good chairs and also look at the adjustability of your desk, so that you can also use it as a standing desk. 

At Space to Create you sit in style on the lovely Herman Miller chairs: ergonomic chairs that support your back, so you can keep your feet flat on the floor and your elbows can easily be bent 90 degrees for a comfortable and healthy meeting experience. 

Collaborate effectively

It is important to have the right tools and space for your meeting, but the real key to success is working effectively with your team. A well-communicating team identifies problems quickly and solves them independently. This allows you to achieve your goals and grow as a company. In the blog: Effective collaboration, how do you do that? We give you tips.

Discover our creative meeting rooms

Looking for a nice meeting room with all the above elements? View our bright, creative spaces, centrally located on Stationsplein.

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Planning a successful meeting? You need this

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