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Tools & Technique

A successful meeting requires good, reliable equipment. Post-its, flip charts and whiteboard walls, that too is within reach!

All necessities in the house

Whatever session you have in mind, we have (or get) the appropriate equipment. Don't worry if you already feel a slight burnout when you see the term 'HDMI', we support you from start to finish. If there is a technical problem during the day, shout out 'Timon!' and we're coming. We've got you covered.

Available tools & technology

In each space you will find all the supplies you need for your session or meeting. Stick it with colorful post-its and draw out your ideas on our meter-long whiteboard walls. Of course we provide you with all pens and markers. Be creative! In addition to our tools, our rooms are standard equipped with a 75-inch flat screen, including two HDMI cables and an Apple TV. So it doesn't matter which laptop you have, we have it connected in no time. There are also various sockets and power strips in all spaces. So plenty of power!

remote equipment

  • Meeting Owl: high quality 360 degree conference camera, microphone and speaker. For optimal hybrid meetings – € 175, -.

  • iMac with Jabra speaker: your colleagues are virtually present by means of a separate webcam and speaker – €50 per set.

Live streaming equipment

Price on request
With a livestream we arrange a camera setup of one or two cameras and a good microphone. Together we determine the right setting and atmosphere. We support in the technology, the preliminary phase and recording the live day to be able to share afterwards (optional). It is even possible to hire a camera team. Contact us to schedule an appointment and we will go through all the options with you. Together we ensure a smooth process.

studio equipment

Price on request
Eye-catching content, high-profile podcasts or educational webinars, whatever content you want to create, Studio Utrecht CS has the necessary equipment for you. You decide what you need and we support you. your call! You are of course welcome to come with your own photographer and production team. We arrange that the studio is ready and can provide you with a nice lunch.

Need something else?

Please do not hesitate to contact us to see what else we have in store. Do you have specific wishes? Then we like to think along with you, there are many possibilities. Boost your meeting for example with one of our facilitators or book a special session for specific purposes.


This is no problem! Every room is equipped with two HDMI cables, so we have your laptop connected in no time.

We ensure that the space is ready and we help you with any connections. Do you really want a technical left hand? Discuss this in advance and we will make time for it.

Yes, this is possible on request. Feel free to call us!

one. We can also arrange more if you need. 

No, not necessary. Your space contains a first aid toolkit filled with all kinds of pens, post-its, markers and more. We've got you covered!

Inspiration & tips

We are happy to help you organize an effective meeting. That is why we regularly share insights and useful tips via our blog.

“We want to offer the ideal opportunity to inspire professionals” – René Steuer about Drinks @ Studio Utrecht CS🥂

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Networking event April 6

Expand your network at Space to Create! Come to our free networking drink on Thursday 6 April.

Tools & Technology | Space to Create

* External lunch is organized by us at a selection of restaurants in the area (max 5 min walk)