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Moen Puran

From documentaries to aftermovies; Moen Poeran is happy to share his knowledge and experience with you! As a videographer, photographer and editor he has been working in the creative industry for years and he knows all the ins and outs of the film business.

Learning objectives and topics

Corporate movies
Adobe Premiere
After Effects
Davinci Resolves

In the rent as

Guidance during recordings



About Moen Puran

My name is Moen Poeran and I live in The Hague. Boxing and volleyball are two of my hobbies and I also like watching movies and series. I make video productions myself, from documentaries to aftermovies. A few years ago I took the step to turn my passion (videography) into my job and then did the Cinematography course. At the moment I like to share my knowledge and experience with others.



My father, a person who didn't know what giving up was and was always there for others.
Making more documentaries and providing training.
Do the things I like!
Always be yourself.

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Moen Puran

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