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Riaz Abdulrahman

As the son of a filmmaker, Riaz knows everything about the film business. Documentaries, live streams, commercial video content; he is at home in all markets.

Learning objectives and topics

Adobe Creative Cloud
Online videos

In the rent as

Video producer
video Editor
Live Productions



About Riaz Abdulrahman

As the son of a film-maker, I have been introduced to the film profession from the very cradle. As a child I always peeked along with the editors and as a teenager I was involved in various television productions, such as for the NPO. With Colors Media I make documentaries for governments and non-profit organizations. But also (online) video content for commercial companies. I also provide training in Video Editing and Camera, Light & Sound.



If I keep it close to home, my father – Ramdjan Abdulrahman – has inspired me the most. By always following your heart you can realize your dreams.
Keep making great productions. Creating creative commercials that are distinctive. Documentaries with which I can inspire others or bring them to new insights.
Hey, wait a minute. On this page we only talk in movies ;) Recently the movie Parasite really charmed me.
Being completely absorbed in a project, where you are completely in a creative workflow without a sense of time.
Do what you enjoy and what gives you energy.

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Riaz Abdulrahman

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