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Ruben Olislagers

As an illustrator and designer, Ruben is used to thinking in images. Moreover, he knows everything about UX Design. He is passionate about influencing the user's experience in order to achieve the highest possible conversion for his customers.

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About Ruben Olislagers

My name is Ruben Olislagers and I create UX Design and Visual Design for large and small companies from my own office. I do this time and again with passion for the profession, whereby I know how to influence the user's experience in order to achieve the highest possible conversion for my customers. As an illustrator and designer I am used to thinking in images. Moreover, I know everything about UX Design. These skills and knowledge come together in the infographics and explanation animations that I make from my own design agency Design al dente, where I visualize complex stories. Since 2001 I have been giving various training courses in UX Design, Interaction Design, Usability, Making Infographics, Adobe Photoshop and the UX tool Sketch App.



Charles Burns. He makes beautiful David Lynch-like graphic novels. His unique interplay of lines in his illustrations enhance his mystical storylines.
I want to make another graphic novel or a small animation film. My kids love my self made stories. I think it would be fun to publish some of these stories with beautiful illustrations or as a short animation film.
Blackhole is my favorite graphic novel by Charles Burns, but the book Use Your Brain is a must have for working more creatively and smarter.
Walking in the nature. Just recharge and let go of all thoughts so that I can get started with new energy afterwards.
Test your work before moving on to the next step.

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Ruben Olislagers

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